Posted by: twinki | November 9, 2006

Happy Birthday G-Man!

Check out my nephew!

He’s 10 months old. You’ll love the picture.  Too cute!  Probably a WW candidate!

Posted by: twinki | November 8, 2006

Wordless Wednesday – The Sweetest Thing

olivianbow.jpg (click image for larger view)

Posted by: twinki | November 6, 2006

Menu Plan Monday

Here we go with another week of dinner menus!

  • Monday:  Fried potatoes with smoked sausage
  • Tuesday:  Skillet chicken with roasted vegetables
  • Wednesday:  Chili dogs with chips
  • Thursday:  Taco Casserole
  • Friday:  Chicken and rice with green beans
  • Saturday:  Homemade chili  (hey, it’s football season)
  • Sunday:  Left overs

For more Menu Plan Mondays visit I’m an Organizing Junkie! (link from my blogroll because my computer or this program is not happy about me putting a link in this post!)

Posted by: twinki | November 4, 2006

Weekend Reflection

The end of another week!!!

  • I still have a job!
  • Got a lead on a new job!
  • I got to spend a few hours with one of my favorite people this afternoon after work and she is just what I needed to remind me of blessings in my life like forgiveness, laughter, acceptance, openness, unconditional friendship/love, silliness…
  • I am enjoying seeing beautiful colors of fall on the drive to work every day now that the time has changed and it’s light out early.
  • I have a good family and good friends.
  • I am forgiven.

I hope everyone had a GREAT week and will enjoy a good weekend!  For more Weekend Reflections go here.

Posted by: twinki | November 4, 2006

P,C & D

If you haven’t allowed the music of Phillips, Craig & Dean touch your spiritual life yet… DO IT!  I have been listening to them for years but it’s been a while since I had one of their cds in my player.  Tonight I saw them on TV and was reminded just how wonderful a blessing their music is.

Words are the most important part of a song.  These men have a way with words.  Blessing overflowing await if you open your heart’s ears to their song.  Plus, they have wonderful voices and harmonize so sweetly.  Check it out.

I like to find a quiet place and listen with my eyes closed and headphones on.  It can make a difference to have everything else blocked out!

Posted by: twinki | November 1, 2006

Wordless Wednesday – Ears!

 att289643.jpg (click image for larger view)

Posted by: twinki | November 1, 2006

Don’t Get Flattened

I was reading one of my favorite blogs this morning and realized something I’d forgotten…

If you stand in the middle of the road, you’re more than likely going to get flattened!

Get out of the middle of the road and check it out here!

Posted by: twinki | November 1, 2006

Hide and Seek

Oh… I’m sorry, that was supposed to be trick or treat, right?? 

Not a big fan of the trick or treat stuff anymore.  I loved it as a child… even into my late teens, but now that I don’t dress up and go through the whole thing I’m not that excited about it.  I love to see kids dressed up though.  It’s interesting to me to see the difference between kids who do their own and those a product of their parents’ imaginations.

BUT, answering the door over and over and over and handing out candy is not really my idea of a relaxing evening at home after a long, stressful day at the office. 

That is why I spent the evening in the back of the house with no lights on except the TV and a small lamp sitting on the bed doing word find puzzles and watching the tube.  Silly I know but it ended up being very relaxing and peaceful!  Of course except for the sneaking into the kitchen to microwave hamburger helper! 🙂

I know… sad… very sad…

Posted by: twinki | October 30, 2006

Menu Plan Monday

It’s time for a week’s worth of yummy goodness again!

  • Monday: Homemade Veggie Soup
  • Tuesday: Leftovers
  • Wednesday: Sloppy Joes and chips
  • Thursday: Homemade Pizza
  • Friday: Baked Ham with Green Beans and Rolls
  • Saturday: Fried Chicken Breasts with Mashed Potatoes
  • Sunday: Whatever is in the Fridge

For more Menu Plan Mondays go here.

    Posted by: twinki | October 30, 2006

    Weekend Reflection

    I’m a little late with my reflection but with good reason.  Let’s see…

    • I got to visit for a couple of days with my mom and older sister.  We didn’t do much because I’m not a very creative hostess, but I loved just having them in the same room with me and I miss them now that they are gone.
    • I still have a job.
    • My nephew had a good check up at the doctor (post surgery).
    • I got to visit with a good friend Sunday over breakfast with my mom and sister.  She had not seen my family in a while and I had not seen her in a while so we all got to catch up a little.
    • I still have a job. (I know I already listed it)

    I guess that’s about it for the weekend reflection.  It was a good one.

    For more weekend reflections go here.

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