Posted by: twinki | November 8, 2006

Wordless Wednesday – The Sweetest Thing

olivianbow.jpg (click image for larger view)



  1. Ahh, how cute 🙂
    I just did my first ever WW. Feel free to check it out!

  2. I clicked on it for the bigger image. WOW! That is one fierce looking cat! And a good cat, for allowing your gal to hold her like that, too. 😉

    I’ve posted my Wordless Wednesday, too. Enjoy!

  3. There’s nothing like the love between a girl and her kitty! What a sweet picture!

  4. that’s too cute! love cats… have one of my own (Miles)
    happy WW!

  5. Lol ! the cat must be very heavy ! and how is he hanging down ! Ha, ha !

  6. Aww!! What a good kitty!! Adorable!

    Happy WW to you!

  7. Very sweet. That cat seems so big in her arms.

  8. Mr Kitty sure does look happy and content. Happy Parents are Teachers Day.

  9. so very cute. Kitty looks floppy and resigned to be carted around. As he should be 🙂

  10. cute…one of my favorite pictures.

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