Posted by: twinki | November 6, 2006

Menu Plan Monday

Here we go with another week of dinner menus!

  • Monday:  Fried potatoes with smoked sausage
  • Tuesday:  Skillet chicken with roasted vegetables
  • Wednesday:  Chili dogs with chips
  • Thursday:  Taco Casserole
  • Friday:  Chicken and rice with green beans
  • Saturday:  Homemade chili  (hey, it’s football season)
  • Sunday:  Left overs

For more Menu Plan Mondays visit I’m an Organizing Junkie! (link from my blogroll because my computer or this program is not happy about me putting a link in this post!)



  1. Wow that’s one big putty tat!!

    Holly’s Corner

  2. Sweet picture! And yep..that is a big ol’ cat! lol!!

  3. Your menu sounds good! I love potatoes and sausage cooked together — it’s simple but really delicious!


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