Posted by: twinki | November 1, 2006

Hide and Seek

Oh… I’m sorry, that was supposed to be trick or treat, right?? 

Not a big fan of the trick or treat stuff anymore.  I loved it as a child… even into my late teens, but now that I don’t dress up and go through the whole thing I’m not that excited about it.  I love to see kids dressed up though.  It’s interesting to me to see the difference between kids who do their own and those a product of their parents’ imaginations.

BUT, answering the door over and over and over and handing out candy is not really my idea of a relaxing evening at home after a long, stressful day at the office. 

That is why I spent the evening in the back of the house with no lights on except the TV and a small lamp sitting on the bed doing word find puzzles and watching the tube.  Silly I know but it ended up being very relaxing and peaceful!  Of course except for the sneaking into the kitchen to microwave hamburger helper! 🙂

I know… sad… very sad…


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