Posted by: twinki | October 17, 2006

Stupid is Foreeevvvah!

Someone please tell me why some people think (apparently) they are invisible in their cars.  I mean really.  Like the guy I saw once who was about 3rd knuckle up his nose digging for gold while at a red light.  It’s not really limited to cars though.  Like the girl I saw walking thru the gas station parking lot not long ago pulling her underwear out of her crack… the way she looked around would suggest she felt whe was being very inconspicuous.  Looking to the right and left as if simply surveying the view.  She should have checked behind her.  All of pump 1 – 6 witnessed her adjustment.

Someone should pass some sort of legislation… maybe a law that protects the rest of us from crimes of ignorance?  It should also be enforcable by citizens as well as criminal justice professionals.  I mean, how many tickets would you give per day?  How many citizen’s arrests?  Think of the thousands of situations that would be covered under such legislation.

Let’s write a law.  What do you think should be the contents?



  1. People who scratch and then sniff. This is not good.

  2. Ugh, I HATE the nose picking thing!!!! I think just men in general who scratch. It’s like can you PUH-LEASE do that on your own time?!

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