Posted by: twinki | October 6, 2006


gdublaugh.jpg My nephew was born over 3 months premature. Preemies are more common now than ever but not this early. He was born in January and is now very healthy, strong and full of life and possibility.

There were so many “ifs” and roller coaster moments but over all we were incredibly blessed because he had few problems compared to other babies not nearly as premature. He was no bigger than your hands cupped together. But WOW what a fighter!

It is a miracle. Yes, he had and still has some minor obstacles to get over but he is developing, growing, progressing almost as close to perfect as any other baby.

When I saw him the other weekend it was the first time since he was in the NICU. His bright eyes and smile will take you over and before you know it you are smiling bigger than your face can hold!

He is a miracle. His eyes, smile, the way he looks at everything as if it is the most amazing thing, they way he looks into your heart… he in total is a touch from the hand of God himself right on the center of your heart.

Thinking it over I realize how much I take for granted. We all do. When a miracle such as this is set right in front of you you have no choice but to recognize this about yourself. But the other miracle is that even though you take for granted… God smiles at you just the same as this little fella. You are the most wonderful, amazing thing in His eyes and you can feel the love just like when this sweet little boy looks into your eyes or squeezes your finger.

Let’s make the decision today to appreciate everything… all our blessings, flaws, weaknesses, strengths, family, friends, their weaknesses and strengths. Let’s try every day to appreciate every single blessing whether it is wrapped in something perfect and pretty or dirty and painful. Let’s try not to take any thing, person or experience for granted. Let’s try to see miracles and blessings in every last bit of it!



  1. Aww. How sweet. He loves his auntie. Great post. I agree with you 100%.

  2. First let me say I’m so glad your nephew is doing good. He looks like a little angel.

    Now, girrrrllll…yo posts be all deep and sh*t but folks don’t be hearin yo NONSENSE that you be talkin on a regular basis. Shoot.

  3. I know. It’s hard to just spout out some nonsense without somebody participating with me. The Brown Cow thing was the closest I guess I’ve been to my normal every day silly self. I’ll have to work on it!

  4. I was born 3 months premie…i’m a merical baby just like him. I never really knew what my life was like as a baby obviously..but i’m lucky to even be alive this day.


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