Posted by: twinki | October 5, 2006

The End of a Chapter

Today I’m thinking over the time spent with one of my best friends. We’ve worked together for 5 1/2 years. I still remember the day she interviewed at our office. I knew in my heart then we would make a lasting mark on one another’s lives.

Tomorrow is her last day at work with me. She is on to greener pastures and I am so happy for her. So many times over the years I’ve found myself bubbling over with pride witnessing her accomplishments as well as personal growth and victories. I will be proud of her tomorrow just as I have been all the times passed.

There will also be sadness in my spirit as the day goes along and draws to a close. But thinking over our time together I realize what a blessing she has been to my life. I have had moments of this realization in the past, but tonight it is very clear to me the blessing of her existence in my life. I feel sorry for all the times I spoke harshly or irreverently or loosely without thinking first of how what I’m saying comes out or how it lands on the heart of another… and sometimes she has been the recipient.

Thinking it over I feel joy because of all the laughter and silliness we’ve shared over the years. It’s truly a gift to have someone who you can be totally goofy and embarrassing with that will still love you and value you the same or even more on the other side of it all.

Basically it is a bitter-sweet time. I know Monday morning when I am at my desk she will not be on the other side of my wall in her office working. She will not be 5 or 6 steps away to run to with questions or concerns or to be the audience for my next goofy moment or joke. But I also know she is close in my heart. I know she is shining where she is and I know we each carry a little piece of one another inside our spirits that will always be cherished.

Realizing the magnitude of her blessing has given me happiness and peace because I know for all my flaws and mistakes she pours over many times more love and forgivness and acceptance of me just the way I am, right or wrong.

This is the end of a chapter for our office and our friendship. The next chapter may be even better and sweeter and I can’t wait to see it unfold.

Think about the value of your friends in the little ever day moments and make sure they know just how special, loved and appreciated they are so that when these kinds of moments come… you both can smile and feel the immeasurable blessing of your friendship.



  1. Aww. How sweet. I don’t think anyone would say such nice things about me!

  2. you would be surprised. i’m sure lots of people feel the same about you. you are speacial too.

  3. My dear Janet,
    If only I could express myself with words the way that you do. You will never know how your words truly inspire me!!! I pray God’s riches blessings upon you. I know you deserve them. You are my shining angel!!!

  4. Dude…you’ve never blogged about me. *Snif*

  5. Girl, most of the time I’m not even sure I count anymore!
    I think about you and your family every day. You are in my prayers too… you, your family, your business, etc. You have a very special place in my heart. I’m just sitting back and letting you do yo thang. We will come full circle one of these days and be sitting on your deck with a “tini” being totally ridiculous.

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