Posted by: twinki | September 12, 2006

Don’t Forget Who’s in Charge

Well, I tried to post last night but my computer was LESS than cooperative to say the least. So I am here today to put my 2 cents in about 9/11.

We all remember where we were and/or what we were doing 5 years ago. It was a Tuesday morning. My mother’s birthday. I was already at work doing payroll when the towers were hit. I remember being in total shock unable to process it all. That night when everything began to sink in I remember feeling scared, vulnerable, repentant, sad… like things would never ever be the same. Over time, we began hearing all the finger pointing to so-and-so’s administration, so-and-so’s oversight, blah, blah… as well as Osama Bin Laden. I am not a very political person as far as waving banners and speaking out but I do my research and vote. But what’s more important for me to remember personally is that GOD is in control. Whether or not we agree with our current and past Presidents and their staff and no matter how much we hate terrorists and their acts of destruction and violence… GOD is in control, He has a plan and all of these things are allowed to happen as a part of fulfilling His plan. There is a time for everything, even war and destruction. We may not like it and it may hurt us physically and emotionally, but that’s the way it is.

Before bashing our country’s leaders, pointing fingers in the direction believed to be at fault, or even worse–acting out in violence or destruction against our own countrymen (whether it be character, reputation, phyisical being or property)– remember every single thing we are experiencing in these days and times has been allowed by GOD for HIS reasons as a part of HIS plan. Our President is ours because GOD allowed it. Our wounds are ours because GOD allowed them. While it may be difficult and sometimes even impossible to understand… His ways are not our ways and it’s not for us to question or understand. That’s where faith comes in.

Let’s try to exercise our faith. Support one another even in differences of opinion and try to be a part of the solutions and not the problems. If we disagree, let’s find a kind, tactful, respectful way to express it. Let’s remember every human being is made with God’s hands and we should respect that and not seek to harm one another. Let’s find a way to get through it all encouraging, helping, understanding, supporting each other as much as we can. We need the kind of security and strength this brings… 9/11/01 was just the beginning.



  1. Preach on sister!!!! Very well said. I wish more people understood this and applied to the decision they make in their lives.

  2. Yes!!! I knew you would leave a good post! We all need to take a lesson!

  3. Ayme totally took my line. *I* was going to say “Preach on sista”.

    Great post.–>

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