Posted by: twinki | August 30, 2006

Toe Tappin’ Good Time

I just have to make a suggestion. If you ever like to listen to worship music you MUST have Lakewood Live: Cover The Earth in your collection. I have had this CD for a few years but had forgotten just how good it is. On my way in to work Monday morning after vacation I popped it in my CD player and have listened to it ever since. Most of the songs are really upbeat. They will keep you tappin’ your toe. Or if you’re like me you’ll have people at red lights looking at you like you’re crazy because you’re about to dance out of your driver’s seat! Good stuff. Check it out if you think about it.

Oh… Lakewood is Lakewood Church (Joel Osteen). So what you’re listening to on this CD is what they hear every Sunday for worship! Awesome! Cindy Cruse-Ratcliff is great and her family has been around in Christian music since I was a kid.



  1. I would love to pull up at a redlight next to you and see you gettin’ with it…

  2. Hey Twink,
    Please make me a copy of it. Thanks! I didn’t know you had that. I’ve never heard it.

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