Posted by: twinki | August 21, 2006

How Now Brown Cow

Eleven pounds. Yes, ELEVEN. As if I needed to gain any weight??? Over the past couple of months I have managed to gain this amount. Hmm. I owe it all to ice cream. Ever get on one of those “kicks” with something? Well, I made the mistake of buying Mayfield Brown Cow ice cream on one of my trips to the grocery. Why? I don’t know. I normally do not have a sweet tooth at all. Maybe it was stress and the need for comfort food? Maybe it was just an impulsive buy made deep in the throws of a MAJOR bout of PMS. Or maybe I just wanted to try it. Regardless, it was quite good… OBVIOUSLY. So, I continued buying it and eating it every evening in front of the TV. I’m not talking about all prim and proper either. I mean, take it out of the freezer, take the lid off, grab a spoon and go to the couch! Disgusting isn’t it??? Well, when I woke up one morning and put on a pair of pants that just a short time ago almost fell off of me only now almost cut me in half I realized the damage time spent with brown cow can do.

I have a nice little gym in my garage for goodness sakes! I’ve learned to look over it though. Kind of like a sticky note on your computer monitor. You know what I’m talking about. You put it there to remind you to do something (probably that you don’t want to do anyway) and you just manage to look right past it continuously. You learn to tune it out like mothers with annoying children.

Well, I’ve now managed to get a grip on the brown cow addiction and can already tell I’ve lost a little weight. Whew! It would be OK I guess if that brown cow would kick me out to the gym. But no such luck. Now I need to work on making myself work out. I like to work out… it’s just so much easier and more fun to be slothful and lazy I guess. Plus, can I bear the thought of depriving those two pet crates and the sprinkler their comfy resting place??

Let me just say though, Mayfield Brown Cow ice cream IS good and you should try it sometime. Just be careful… the brown cow can be dangerous. We shall see over the next few weeks how much progress I make moving those pet crates and sprinkler off the gym bench and planting my crinkle butt on there for a good work out! You may begin praying now… 🙂



  1. Please, you probably needed to gain 11 lbs. Unlike your fat twin.

  2. GIRL…I am trying to be a really good friend and NOT laugh at you but I find that nearly impossible. What I find ironic is that you seem SURPRISED that you gained eleven pounds…lol. You know I love you and I always shoot straight from the hip with you but you need to get your butt outside and get on that gym that my husband loaded up for your butt. TODAY. The older you get…the harder it is to lose the weight. The hardest part is getting it done. So tonight, get you a radio, get some good music going and get outside and tinker around on that gym. Call me in the morning and report your progress to me. I will forwarn you that I will make you feel like poo if you don’t. 🙂

  3. My dearest Maddie… I have all the faith in the world you will make me feel like a brown cow myself if I don’t commit to the gym! 🙂 A true and honest friend. I love ya.

    It’s not that I was surprised. I just enjoyed making fun of myself. The ice cream is really good though! It’s almost worth it!

    Can’t start tonight though because we’re going to the beach tomorrow!!! So I have to pack and all that stuff you wait until the last possible second to do. Tell Billy he needs to cruise my neighborhood while I’m gone and make sure the house is OK. 🙂

  4. Went to the grocery store this morning…saw your brown cow ice cream. I bet everyone was wondering why I was laughing like a maniac whilst I pushed my buggie.

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