Posted by: twinki | August 18, 2006

Wipe Your Eyes

Somebody please tell me why the world is so judgemental! Why are all gay people considered child molesters? Why are black men considered a threat? Why are you “damaged goods” if you are unmarried? This is SUCH as short list of examples I could rattle off. It just pisses me off when people are so narrow minded. Especially people who wear their religion like a banner. They can be the worst. If people would seriously stop, set themselves aside and really examine their words, actions and views they would see how poorly they represent the God they “love and serve”.

We all need to wipe our eyes and look again through softer, clearer, kinder viewfinders! ALL people are created by God. Not just the ones who think they do no wrong or seem to be “normal” and good. Yes, we and our free will can royally screw up and turn the beautiful creation into a total mess, but God knows no labels or limits. He looks at us all the same… with LOVE… not hate.



  1. Amen sista…

    Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s going to get any better. The world seems to be getting worse. Sad place to raise your kids that’s for sure.

  2. Preach it sister!!

  3. uh,huh… sorry, i get sick of hearing it all day at work. so sad. people are so wrong.

  4. Hey…I came over from Mommy 2 2
    I totally agree with your post. It really gets to me when so-called Christians tell people that they are going to Hell because they are this way or that…like, did you know that if you drink any kind of alcoholic drink that you will go to Hell?? I don’t think so! I am a Christian…I have an occasional “drink” and I’m NOT going to Hell! lol!!

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