Posted by: twinki | August 17, 2006

You Go First

Let’s start with a question for you… I’ve always wondered, why is there Braille on the drive up ATM?? Really, do you want to be in the line behind or in front of a car driven by the blind? Seriously, I’m curious. Can anyone give me the reason? I need you to help me understand this.



  1. I never thought of that….HA! When you think about it it is pretty scary!!

  2. This post has been removed by the author.

  3. I can’t tell you about the braille bit but could someone tell me why the word ‘lisp’ has an ‘s’ in it. It’s pretty sad when you have a speech impediment and you can’t even say it.

  4. Girl, you always think of the smartest things! LOL. Good point.

  5. and on the braille thing….the blind can’t read the atm screen anyway! so how would they know what to push?

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